Do you feel comfortable with lighting in your office area?

Why is the seminar on light so intense? There is no doubt that light stimulates the body to produce important physiological responses. The psychiatrist, Baba Pendse, focused on the impact of LED lights on human mental health. He found that LED lighting can regulate the rhythm of biological cycles, which can affect sleep, alertness and performance. On the contrary, bright light, especially in the late afternoon, is more likely to help people stay awake. So Pendse believes that people who crave light are motivated by the desire to acquire information. Bright light can make the environment clearer and collect more information. Under the bright LED lights, we can read idly, or easily see what the children are doing.

On the other hand, people don’t feel the same way in the same light. Because everyone reacts differently to light, just like everyone has their own favorite food preferences. So there’s almost no particular kind of LED lighting that can satisfy everyone in the office.

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Post time: Apr-01-2018
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